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The Holidays: New Mexican Style!

November kicks off the holiday season with fall and Christmas decorations already out in the stores, holiday music playing on the radio and of course, Thanksgiving. If you are native to New Mexico or if you have lived here for any amount of time, you’ve come to know the special traditions that are unique to New Mexico. And Rio Rancho truly is a special place for friends and family to come together to celebrate everything to be thankful for and share the warmth of the season. Your stuffing may have a hint of Hatch chile peppers, and some of these peppers might even end up in the apple pie. It’s red, green or Christmas! And as the sun sets and casts a pink glow on the Sandia Mountains, it’s definitely a great time to sit back as you relax in your retirement home and reflect on all the things in our life this year to be thankful for. Family, friends, community.


Pull out all the special decorations and holiday recipe favorites, put on some music and live life to the fullest this year. If you have any family traditions, make sure to carry them on and share them with your grandchildren. Perhaps it’s a treasured pumpkin pie recipe you’ve always made over the year. Invite the grandkids over and roll out pie crust together. You can share so much with the next generation and pass on these family traditions. And don’t forget to sip on some pinon coffee while the pie is baking! You’ll create memories that last a lifetime for you and your family.

Community. Living in a retirement community is truly unique. You likely share much in common with your neighbors and can relate to this stage of life, this unique spot on earth to live, and many of the same interests. It’s fun to decorate, host holiday parties with these neighbors, and share some fun and laughter. Even if your family lives far away or cannot spend the holidays with you this year, you still have these friends next door to celebrate with. Life Plan communities often provide a schedule packed with fun holiday activities and events for those who still live independently, and plenty of opportunities to socialize and enjoy the season for those who require supportive care such as assisted living services. Take advantage of each opportunity to enjoy community, music, good food and all there is to offer in your senior community!

Travel. If you are active and planning to travel and visit family this year, be sure to get ahead of the crowds and book your flights a little earlier than later. It’s flu season, so it’s important for seniors to try to stay as healthy as possible especially while traveling. So be sure to avoid the crowds and consider wearing a mask and talk to your doctor about the flu vaccination prior to setting out on that holiday vacation. It’s a good idea to carry a water bottle along with you as well so you stay as hydrated as possible. Check with your doctor to see what health precautions you should take prior to travel. Of course, weather can always be an issue in delaying traffic or flights. Most airports have lodging opportunity nearby with shuttle services, so don’t panic if you need to take a later flight or train connection. Travel with comfort! And you have a difficult time walking long distances and need a little extra assistance, take advantage of wheelchair services offered at the airport. You’ll be wheeled right where you need to go, and an attendant will help you with your bags as well.

However you plan to celebrate the holidays this year, make sure to surround yourself with the love of friends, neighbors and family at home, in your retirement community, or on that trip to see loved ones. Enjoy building memories. You might even be able to help your neighbors enjoy the season a little bit more this year, especially if you know someone in an assisted living home, Memory Care, or a nursing home. And even if you can only visit with your loved ones via video visits or phone calls, you can still feel connected and stay part of each other’s lives. It only takes a little effort and the memories will last a life time. Happy Holidays!

2 responses to “The Holidays: New Mexican Style!

  1. So grateful for my community. I love making Hatch chile pepper Christmas muffins! I take them to all my neighbors every year and am sure to sing a special holiday song to all my friends in memory care, it’s such a privilege to be their neighbor.

    1. Thank you for your inspirational comment, Mary! It sounds like you are very active in your community!

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