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Summertime Necessities: for seniors

Blue skies. Warm breezes rippling across the Rio Rancho desert landscapes. Cool inviting pools at your retirement community. What’s not to love about summertime? We hope you have been able to enjoy a little sunshine while staying active this month. And with summer just beginning, you’re going to need a few items to keep you comfortable and healthy this year. New Mexico can bring hot summers so it’s best to be prepared! Here are a few ideas to add to your summer fun collection.

A water bottle. Staying hydrated is important for seniors. Ask your doctor how much water you should drink on a daily basis. Your water bottle will allow you to target this goal all day long, even when you’re out and about! Choose a bottle that’s easy to use and clean and is well insulated to keep your drink cold all day long. It should be easy to carry around with you too! It’s worth investing in a good quality water bottle. Many come in fun summer colors too to brighten each day! And water isn’t the only drink you can fill it with. Make up fresh lemonade or some iced tea to change it up.


The hot summer sun is wonderful but can also wreak some havoc on your skin if you’re not careful. That’s why its smart to make sure you have a good sunscreen to protect yourself. Seniors often travel to warm destinations all year around. Even sitting under your beach umbrella, you’ll want to make sure you use a good quality sunscreen with adequate SPF. And if you’re out in nature at the beach, a lake or river, you’ll want make sure your sunscreen is reef safe if you do decide to splash in the water. Sunscreen that’s reef safe is more gentle on the environment and may also be safer to use on your skin, too.

Summer reads. Do you enjoy sitting outside in the shade with a book in hand? It’s time to find some inspirational reads to make the season even more enjoyable. Try selecting 3 or 4 books and see which one catches your interest first. You can browse books by your favorite author on amazon or check out what’s making everyone’s book list on The New York Times Best Sellers. You might also venture out and join your senior community’s book club! Many retirement communities also provide their residents with a library.

Sunglasses. Of course, your summertime collection can’t be complete without a stylish pair of sunglasses! They come in so many styles and better quality glasses can protect your eyes from UV rays. Some styles also are available in prescription lenses. Find out if your vision insurance covers good quality sunglasses. You may be surprised!

A beach bag. These bags are fun and make summertime so much more fun and manageable. If you’re heading to the pool, pack your towel, water bottle, sunscreen and a book and you’re set to go! You’ll have a good spot to keep all your things together while you’re in the pool, too. Some beach bags come with cooler compartments or inner pockets to keep your snacks cool and your things organized. You can go with a bright summer color or something more classic to match your personality and style! Taking a walk to the pool through your 55 plus community will become a breeze.

If you have a loved one in an assisted living or nursing home, you can help make their summer brighter. Next time you visit, help them find a pair of sunglasses they would enjoy wearing while outdoors. Or plan a pedicure session so they can show off their nails when wearing a comfortable pair of sandals!

Have fun this summer and get set up! A few practical items will make your summer much more comfortable. Celebrate the season in style! Keep your beach bag in an accessible place so you can just grab it on the way out the door. And make sure it’s stocked with some healthy snacks as well!

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