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Senior Lifestyle: living in a senior community

Have you ever been to an all-inclusive resort where all your needs were taken care of? The biggest decision was which resort restaurant to make the dinner plans for. True relaxation and luxury. Retirement is approaching and its time to make some big decisions. Aging in place? Downsizing and moving into a more manageable place? Or, taking it all to the next level and making a senior community your home? There are so many things to consider at this stage of life. Planning for the future. What are the advantages of living in a retirement community specially designed for seniors?

Many seniors moving into retirement would like a manageable, stable place to call home. But what if this would mean being surrounded by support and care and most of all, building a community of friends? Let’s take a look at senior living at its best.

Community. The benefits of building a community and being surrounded by friends should not be underestimated. Seniors are proud of their grandchildren, the accomplishments of their children, and the meaningful projects they are currently involved in. It’s fun to travel and have hobbies, but sharing your stories and adventures with neighbors who are in the same stage of life is what truly makes life sparkle. As life continues and the various challenges that always come into play at every stage of life, friends become a vital source of encouragement and help. And what if you lived in a whole community of friends who are also your neighbors? The sense of community, belonging and ability to help others becomes a reality.

Staying active. Friends encourage and inspire one another. It’s not always easy to stay active on your own. Many senior or retirement communities build their own groups with similar interests. If you love traveling or photography, there are probably others with the same interests that regularly meet and share their experiences and exchange information. Or even go out together and share those experiences together. Ask about the community fitness center and see what exercise classes are offered. Joining an aquatics class in the pool is a perfect summer activity!

Safe and Secure

Feeling safe and secure is important. Being surrounded by friends going through the same stage of life as you, and building a support system is a great first step. It’s a great feeling to leave on that Europe trip and know that back home all is secure and taken care of. Inquire about security patrol services and safety measures if you are touring senior communities.

Design. Imagine a home that is designed specially for your stage of life. The right size, and perfect accommodations for any of the changes in life that may catch you off guard. Suddenly, steps may not be ideal to keep walking up and down. The knee surgery that requires temporary wheel chair assistance may require wider doors and an accommodating shower. And what about getting about outdoors? You don’t need to stay confined. Senior communities are often designed to ensure the entire community is planned with various special considerations for any accommodations that will be needed.

Accessibility. Retirement communities often offer amenities that are on site and easy to access. For example, restaurants, a physical activity center, pool, walking paths and benches, small stores, and on-site services such as beauty care or spa services. It’s a whole community of support! If driving begins to be cumbersome, shuttle services may be offered to help get you around town. With many of life’s necessities taken care of for you a few steps from your door, you’ll be able to focus on the true meaning of life instead of trying to constantly figure out how to meet basic needs.

Next steps. As you age, you will continue to be cared for. Senior communities often offer assisted living programs with extra support as you age. You’ll continue to have all your meals planned and prepared for you, with additional support care as needed. Perhaps you will need extra assistance while taking a shower, getting dressed or keeping your medications organized. You’ll still be able to live as independently as possible and have the time for family to visit, take you on outings and enjoy life together. Planning for the years to come is always smart!

It’s almost like that all-inclusive resort, but much more being surrounded by a community of friends and support! Retirement life at it’s best. A place to always call home.

Residents on Balcony

2 responses to “Senior Lifestyle: living in a senior community

  1. The Neighborhood is especially wonderful! I love the staff and what they have done during COVID to keep everyone secure.

    1. Thank you for commenting Sarah! We are so happy to hear you feel safe in our community!

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