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A Life Plan

Gerald Tames and his wife Liz were about to return home to Rio Rancho from their vacation in Maui. As they watched the sunset together, Liz talked about their hunt for the perfect retirement home. Retired, Gerald and Liz found many things to be grateful for. Their son and his family still lived close by. They wanted to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives. But the family home they still lived in was too big for just the two of them. Gerald wasn’t thrilled about keeping up the large yard or constantly worrying about repairing odds and ends in their home. And Liz wanted to travel more. They needed a home that was just the right size, maintenance free and secure when they were away. And that’s when Gerald brought up a Life Plan community he had heard about. What’s a Life Plan?

Many seniors like Gerald and Liz are in a unique phase of their lives. Retirement offers the time and ability to live out many dreams and spend more time with family and friends. Finding a living solution which would accommodate all the needs of those in retirement is exactly what a Life Plan is designed to do. Let’s take a look.

A plan to last a lifetime. A Life Plan is a special kind of community. Imagine a neighborhood designed especially for seniors in their retirement. The apartment homes are exactly the right size, with options to suit everyone’s needs. It’s perfect for those who are still active and independent – packed with fitness and social opportunities. And as the years go by, come what may, your home is built exactly for accommodating your specific circumstances. If you need supportive care services such as assisted living, nursing care or even memory care should you experience Alzheimer’s or memory loss – its included in the plan. Gerald and Liz didn’t ever want to be a burden to their family, and this aspect of a Life Plan was attractive. Liz had several health conditions and they knew that she may eventually need specialized care as well as wheelchair accommodations. Gerald wanted to make sure they were prepared. Life Plan communities offer you the commitment of care as you need it. You won’t have to relocate to a different community as you encounter various health conditions – this could be your forever home, come what may.


A Life Plan community gives residents the opportunity to have almost all resources needed available in the neighborhood. You may still be able to drive and cook, but it might be fun to take a stroll down to one of the community restaurants and choose your meal off a menu – also included in your plan. Chances are you’ll meet friends or make new ones. And when you need supportive care services, you’ll know that you have the option of nutritious food prepared for you every meal. Retirement communities often have small shops, places of worship, on-site hairdressers and barbers, fitness centers and other amenities. You’ll never have to drive across town again to access the club pool, get your hair done or have coffee with a friend. Even if driving is not an issue now, you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of long after you decide driving is out of the picture.

Social opportunities. You’ll find that your retirement community is full of like-minded people just like you. You are in the same stage of life and possibly share many of the same interests. Life Plans make it possible to be part of a community where you can build friendships and a network of neighbors who will become your biggest support group throughout the years. You’ll run into your friends while going out for walks, at the community dog park, at dinner. And there are many community events and activities designed to help you make new friends as you enjoy yourself. You may decide to take a fitness class at the community wellness center or participate in a special interest group. If you enjoy photography, travel or even just a game night, you can join a group. You’ll never have to fear loneliness. These can become the most engaging and social years of your life!

Gerald and Liz found the perfect solution for their retirement needs. They didn’t have to worry about maintaining a big house or yard any longer. Traveling would now be a breeze with neighborhood security provided when they were out of town. Liz loved the fact that they didn’t have to cook every night, despite the fact that they still had a beautiful kitchen for those evenings when they had family or guests over. And it was still fun to make coffee every morning. They loved enjoying a cup out on their patio overlooking the Sandia mountains. But best of all, they had peace of mind that they would always have a home here. Living an independent life as long as possible with any additional care provided as needed offered security and dignity. A Life Plan at work exactly as designed.

2 responses to “A Life Plan

  1. It sounds like a Life Plan is perfect for those that want that balance of independence, community, and resources. I think it would make retirement so much more enjoyable to live in a community like that.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Harley. Please do sign up for a tour and come experience our community in person!

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