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Residents Welcomed onto Haverland Carter Corporate Board: Faith-based Company Proud to Establish Initiative

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – March 2019 – The Board of Directors of Haverland Carter LifeStyle Group (HCLG) has announced an innovative step forward.  A resident from each community has been selected to serve as board members on the Haverland Carter LifeStyle Group Board.  This decision is a newer concept to the Life Plan retirement industry and is a positive step in the continued evolution of the organization as it seeks to further its mission of serving more seniors.

Board Chair, Reg Rider (Brigadier General, United States Air Force, retired), is pleased to welcome John Young as the Neighborhood in Rio Rancho representative, and James Fitting as La Vida Llena’s representative.  Young is a retired investment professional and Fitting is an Attorney with his law practice in Albuquerque.  Residents were selected in the same way as other Haverland Carter Board members, serving a three-year term, with a maximum service of three consecutive terms.

Haverland Carter LifeStyle Group is the not-for-profit 501(c)(3), faith based parent company of The Neighborhood in Rio Rancho and La Vida Llena, located in the NE heights; both of which are Life Plan communities providing an active lifestyle, services, long-term care, protection and financial stability to those 62 and older.

Only a few Life Plan retirement communities throughout the country have taken this initiative.  The HCLG Board of Directors considers this as a positive step in the continued evolution of the organization as it seeks to further its mission of serving more seniors.  This action is the result of a request the board of directors received from residents of La Vida Llena and the Neighborhood in Rio Rancho to consider residents to serve on the corporate board.  Prior to receiving the request, the Board had already determined a need for community outreach. 

External research with other Life Plan communities was also conducted to better understand their best practices in this area of governance, along with research of the statutory frameworks of other states.  Discussions with other community leaders in the industry were also productive.

The working relationship with resident board members will be one that will be positive and productive, leading to a deeper sense of shared mission. The Board of Directors looks forward to working with resident colleagues.

Haverland Carter LifeStyle Group is an integrated retirement lifestyle provider currently operating two Life Plan Communities in NM.  Life Plan communities are designed to offer more than one level of care on a single campus, ranging from seniors who are looking for an active lifestyle while providing a plan for long-term care.

HCLG is committed to providing excellence in retirement community management. It is our mission to enhance the well-being and quality of life for older persons with competency, compassion and ethical behavior.